Gennett Forestry Consulting
Serving East Tennesse and North Georgia

We offer a wide range of services to realize the full potential of land and timber to serve landowners goals, both long and short range goals.


  • Greenbelt/Stewardship Plans
  • Hunting Lease Administration
  • Silviculture Prescriptions
  • Wildlife Habitat Management
  • Reforestation and Forest Herbicide
  • Forest Management
  • Timber Sale Administration & Investment Management
  • Timber Damage Appraisals (example-Tornado damage)
  • Timber Appraisal
  • Forest Inventory
  • Timber Cruising
  • Timber Trespass Appraisals
  • Boundary Marking and Posting
  • Recreation-Trail Design
  • Urban Forestry
  • ASA/ISA Appraisals-Urban Trees
  • R.O.W./Road/Landing Seedling

  • Gennett Forestry Consulting looks forward to assisting with your forest management in Tennessee and Georgia




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A forest management plan is not a one time event. It evolves over time as activities are implemented and the forest changes as it ages. It is a long term guide that includes many short term plans for the forest.

After the plan is written the actual implementation of activities is called the prescription.

Steps in Preparing a Management Plan:

1. Statement of your goals and objectives

2. Location of the timberland by legal description and

mapping for each parcel

3. The Individual Stand Descriptions and the Timber Appraisal

4. The Prescription:

A. Timber Managment

B. Wildlife Habitat

C. Recreation & Aesthetics

D. Water Quality

E. Invasive Plants and other desired plants, that could include threated or endangered plants

F. Roads and Trails

G. Boundary

H. Inheritance Plans and Taxes

I.  Education Out Reach

J.  Timber Certification